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MS Access Consulting

"Not only can Access can hold much larger amounts of data than Excel, it can arrange and retrieve related data in a much more efficient and secure way all within in the one location, using the Relational Database model..."

Database Design and Support

AccessDatabase Design

Access is the most maligned and least understood of the Office products. Microsoft Access requires thought and planning, and detailed understanding of database design. However, with this knowledge, the dividends can be huge:

• Reporting done from data in seconds, not hours
• Data checks and clean-ups done accurately and quickly
• Data updated and retrieved simultaneously

Efficient Storage and Retrieval of Large Data Amounts

Excel is now often used for storing lists or tables of data. However, once the amount of data reaches tens of megabytes, Excel can become very sluggish or unstable. Not only can Access can hold much larger amounts of data than Excel, it can arrange and retrieve related data in a much more efficient and secure way all within in the one location, using the Relational Database model. For example, clients, suppliers, products and orders can be managed in their own tables, but then related to each other for invoices, profit loss reports and so on.

In addition, Access can handle multiple users reading AND writing data, unlike Excel where workbooks generally only allow one user at a time to make changes.

Connect to Multiple Data Sources at Once

Not only can Access store data in its own tables, but it can link to data from a large range of sources within the one Access database. Data from SQL Server, Oracle, text files and Excel workbooks can be queried and cross-referenced in the same Access database.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Many industry software packages in finance, mining, asset management etc... use high end database systems like SQL Server or Oracle to store their data. However, the data extraction and reporting tools on the front end of these applications can be limited, and may require expensive consultants to produce the desired reports. Access can connect directly to the database tables, and use its powerful query and reporting tools to generate customised analysis and reporting. In fact, it can be a used as a "middle layer" between database servers and Excel spreadsheet reports.

Macros and Visual Basic for Applications

Access, like all other Office applications, can utilise Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to dramatically extend the capabilities of an Access database. Not only can VBA give highly customised control over Access data management, forms and reports, but it can also give an Access database capabilities such as sending emails, downloading data from webservers, creating Word documents and populating Adobe forms.

Stand-Alone Applications

Access has the capability to build complete self-contained applications; thanks to its easy-to-build user forms and programmable interface and data handling. It can be a self-contained application managing its own data, or as a "front-end" to data stored on SQL Server or Oracle.

At Mobile MOUSe, we can build your ultimate, cost-effective database solution, or even fix issues that you may already have with your current Access database. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

You will only get a true idea of what is really possible in Microsoft Access if you give us a call and allow us to demonstrate how we can save your organization so much time and money with the power of Microsoft Access combined with our Access Consulting skills.

Do You Have?

• The need to automate a repetitive or major task?
• The need to convert data into a useable format?
• A need for a custom solution that suits your needs?
• A tight deadline?
• A limited budget?

We Can and Will...

• Deliver solutions ranging from the simple to the difficult
• Suggest improvements and enhancements
• Deliver solutions at a reasonable cost
• Deliver solutions within a reasonable timeframe

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Support and Assistance

Mobile MOUSe can develop VBA, build reports and solve the complex problems your business faces. Our consultants have over 20 years experience across all versions of Microsoft Office. Each job is carefully scoped and mapped to ensure that start-to-finish is achieved in a reasonable and affordable timeframe...

Access Consulting Perth

• Custom Ribbon Tabs
Database design and creation
• Barcode Scanner Integration
Database modification and improvement
• Importing and Exporting
• Automation of Tasks
• VBA development
• and more...

Other Consulting Services

Mobile MOUSe Training and Consulting is based in Perth, WA (Western Australia) and also offers consulting, help, support and assistance services for...

Microsoft Word Consulting
Microsoft Excel Consulting
Microsoft PowerPoint Consulting
Microsoft SharePoint Consulting
Microsoft Project Consulting

Mobile MOUSe can even train your organization (i.e. we will develop a custom course specifically for you) based on the custom solutions that we have developed for your business. That way, your staff will immediately know how to use their newly developed Microsoft Office solution(s), thereby maximising efficiency and productivity as well as drastically reducing learning curves.

Why Use a Consultant?

Not all organisations have the luxury of having staff trained and then using their employees newly found knowledge to develop solutions and processes. Sometimes, solutions extend far beyond the scope of any practical course content. In addition, staff are often expected to meet deadlines and don't have the time or skills to develop a solution. Whatever the reason, Mobile MOUSe has a team of experienced consultants that will implement their decades of knowledge, skills and experience to provide you with a solution using nothing more than the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

It costs nothing to to arrange an obligation free meeting to see what we can do for you... You will be amazed !!!


Our solutions span many industries including (but are not limited to):

• Mining, Resources and Exploration
• Finance, Insurance and Banking
• Environmental
• Human Capital
• Community Groups and Not for Profit
• Government
• Manufacturing and Production
• Electrical
• Energy Services
• Information Technology
• Retail
• Real Estate
• Training and Education
• and more...


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Standard Inclusions

Onsite Training (Your Venue)
For all onsite training we supply the following (all at NO EXTRA COST):

• The Laptops (at no extra cost)
• Face to Face Instructor-Led Training
• The Projection Equipment
• All electric cables and Power boards
• Student Manuals
• Free Downloadable Exercise Files
• Post Course Student Support
• Certificate of Attendance (On Request)
• Dynamic, Qualified Experienced trainers
• An Amazing Training Experience :-)

InHouse Training (Our Venue)
For all courses at our venue we supply the following at no extra cost.

• State of the Art Training Facilities
• Free Parking
• Free Refreshments
• Student Manuals
• Free Downloadable Exercise Files
• Post Course Student Support
• Certificate of Attendance
• Dynamic, Qualified Experienced trainers
• An Amazing Training Experience :-)

Venue and Room Hire

Need a meeting or training room? Options range from a day to a years lease. Contact Us for more Information.

Microsoft Certification

Mobile MOUSe is an authorised testing center for the range of internationally recognised Microsoft Office Certifications. Click the graphic below for more information about Microsoft Office Certification.

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Training Facts

There are many myths about training - reasons suggested for postponing skill development. Whether it's a process that is not being followed, technology under utilised – every organisation benefits from training...

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